Android on the OLPC XO-4 touch

It took up all of Spring break, but it’s done. I give you Android on the OLPC XO-4 touch!


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One response to “Android on the OLPC XO-4 touch

  1. sv3rma

    As the day comes to a close, I seek forgiveness from all my friends who are so deeply invested in operating systems. It is April 1, and I couldn’t help but toy with your emotions – to push you down the ditch of humor 🙂 To those who wrote to me privately asking me for instructions, I admire your faith in me – to think that I could in fact pull this off somehow! The source of the port is at For some reason, I gain this ability to port popular operating systems to XOs around late March/early April. Last year I ported Windows 8 to the XO-1. Maybe next year, it will be MacOSX? Only time will tell. Until April 2014!

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