Mapping the village

One of the challenges I had in Bhagmalpur was that I didn’t have a partner to tag team with me. I had to plan and execute everything. Hindsight wisdom: Get a partner to help out! I also wanted to map the village when I was there, but I couldn’t find enough time to get away from reflashing the XOs and configuring the school server. In the mean time, all these kids would hang around and follow me, carefully looking at everything I did. I don’t work well under that much scrutiny 🙂

So, I banded a few kids into a team. Then, I turned on the My Tracks Android app on my phone and gave the phone to the team. I explained what the task was, how GPS works, and then I asked them to walk the village – every possible street – and come back to me. They did so, with a lot of interest, and a while later, I had my GPS trace! I exported the trace to GPX format and uploaded to OpenStreetMap. Here’s the trace. I’m editing the various points of interest as I go along.

How cool it is to see the work of these kids on the web! I hope that some day they’ll get good Internet access and they’ll be able to see their trace themselves.

GPS Trace of Bhagmalpur

GPS trace of Bhagmalpur


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2 responses to “Mapping the village

  1. Awesome map! I put it into a GPX animated map, but MapBox doesn’t have much detail in the area:

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