Bombings in Mumbai…

Mumbai experienced yet another series of bomb blasts a few days ago. Troubling and sad. Many people died and many more were injured. Will it have an impact on our project which is clear across the country? Unexpectedly, yes.

Our friends who went from San Francisco and were going to visit Bhagmalpur happened to be in Mumbai that day, out sight seeing when the bombs went off. The city shut down, with all local transport frozen. They were stranded, and had to find a hotel to spend the night. Then, they ended up missing their train the next morning. So much for a visit to Bhagmalpur 😦

Thankfully they are all safe and should be returning to San Francisco sometime soon. They were carrying three XOs with them, but these are now in safe custody in Mumbai and will eventually find their way to Bhagmalpur. In the mean time, Utkarsh, my youngest cousin has taken the initiative and will be helping out with our project in Bhagmalpur. He has already become adept with the XO and Sugar. Now that they have an Internet connection, it will be a lot easier to get things done.

I’m looking forward to some interesting feedback from Utkarsh!

Utkarsh with an XO in the backyard.

Utkarsh with an XO in the backyard.


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