A San Francisco connection?

So, while the XOs in Bhagmalpur are getting ready to be given out to the kids, I have three more in San Francisco, that are getting ready to make the trip. I spend the afternoon updating these and testing all the hardware.

XOs being readied for Bhagmalpur

XOs being readied for Bhagmalpur

Maria Jenerik of Creative Arts Charter School is making a trip to India, and she plans to visit schools while she is there. Through a series of conversations, we settled on the school in Bhagmalpur, and while she is there, her team will help out with setting up the kids with their XOs, answering their questions, and help us in gathering data. She hopes to establish a connection between the school in Bhagmalpur and her school in San Francisco. A connection between the communities of Bhagmalpur and San Francisco. The two worlds are so far apart, and know so little of each other that its almost like folding the space-time continuum!

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