Electrons and elections seem to be connected…somehow!

If its elections season, Bhagmalpur will see ample electricity. Several hours a day. Sometimes even the full glorious 24! Then the election season ends, the votes are cast, and its back to 2 hours a day of electricity. Not even the full 220V AC. In nearby cities, at least the electrical grid is predictable. Load shedding, as it is called, is planned. We know when it comes, and when it goes.

Not so much in Bhagmalpur. So, we rely on batteries. And solar panels. We have an inverter setup to capture the electrons when they come in, stuff these in battery banks, and then consume these in AC mode via an inverter. Of course, there is energy loss in conversion, but the output is good enough to run a few fans, light bulbs, and the TV occasionally.


Battery Inverter

I am curious to see what headway Bruce Baikie and Laura Hosman make in Haiti and see if we can employ some of those Green -WiFi solar charge controllers to charge our XOs and run the school/book server there. It would be awesome if we could run the school/book server entirely on solar and battery!

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