10 XO-1s arrive in New Delhi

As part of our commitment to the Contributor Program, OLPC Bhagmalpur has received 10 OLPC XO-1 laptops. Here’s a brief set of objectives and milestones:

  • Collect all XOs in Bhagmalpur (May 2011) (done)
  • Install School Server (June 2011)
  • Disburse XOs (June 2011)
  • Gather feedback (August 2011).
  • Hindi Wikipedia (August 2011)
  • Voice over IP (January 2012)
Garima and her XO

Garima and her XO


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2 responses to “10 XO-1s arrive in New Delhi

  1. Gonzalo

    Hindi Wikipedia?
    Would be a offline activity?
    I am interested in know what are your plans

    • Yes, we are in the planning stages of building an offline copy of Hindi Wikipedia very much like the en and es versions. Right now we are gathering people who can help shore up the articles.

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